Diablo 3 Download

Diablo 3 Killer Download

1Path of Exile Path of Exile GameGrinding Gear Games has created the amazing online game Path of Exile. In this action RPG, you take on monsters and dark wizardry in the universe named Wraeclast. To try this online game, click this link.
Gameplay Offers

  • Intense combat and large numbers of skills
  • Supporting large numbers of players
  • Will always remain free to play

Torchlight 2

Torchlight 2 is soon here and as it is a Diablo 3 Killer. Here we will of course provide you with a download for Torchlight 2 as soon as it becomes available.

Torchlight 2 Key Features
  • Multiplayer – Play with your friends over a LAN or over the Internet.
  • Fully Customizable Characters – Players customize their own character from one of four different classes.
  • The possability to make your own maps and mods is available from the very beginning.
  • Non-dungeon levels with randomized over world enviroments.
  • Randomized Dungeons – The dungeons of Torchlight II have more branching paths with random rewards, events and dangers.
  • Players choose a pet. These pets level up along with your avatar and they help you in battle, carry items, learn spells, and help you in other ways.
  • You can take a break from the fast-paced adventuring and relax by a fishing hole and see what you may catch.

Other Game Downloads

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Diablo 3 Download

Diablo 3 has now been released but it will cost money to download. We recommend one of the Diablo 3 Kilers instead.
If you still want to download Diablo 3 stuff, you can download the official Diablo 3 videos, wallpapers, and art from the Blizzard website.
  • Battle the forces of the Burning, but *cute*, Hells with many character classes like the infamous Barbarian.
  • Rain Hell on your foes and use the environment as a weapon by laying traps, turning objects against your enemies and using obstacles.
  • Experience multiplayer over the Battle.net platform. Diablo 3 download available soon.

Diablo 3 Download

Grim Dawn Download

Grim Dawn is another promising Diablo 3 Killer that we are waiting for. Currently not available for download.

When Grim Dawn is released it will be a contender for the Diablo 3 download.